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  • February 05, 2016

First Annual Community Service Fair

Bringing provincial and local organizations to Dufferin Mall at the first annual service fair.

On January 23rd my staff and I had the opportunity to host my first annual Community Service Fair at Dufferin Mall. The event was attended by over 500 residents from Davenport and across Toronto.

In total there were 14 Provincial and local organizations represented including the Ontario Ombudsman Office, Ontario Seniors Secretariat, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services Ministry of Training Colleges & Universities, Legal Aid Ontario, Ontario Works, Employment Secretariat, the Ministry of Transportation, DPNCHC, West Neighbourhood House the Abrigo Centre Costi Immigration Services, Working Women Community Centre and Madison Community Services.

I am so happy that this event was so well attended by these organisations and the community. I look forward to hosting another Community Service Fair in the future to showcase what Davenport and Ontario has to offer.

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