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  • December 02, 2015

Ontario Passes Legislation to Protect Condo Owners

Province Supporting Stronger Condo Communities

Ontario has taken new measures to protect the 1.3 million people who now live in condominiums in Toronto including here in Davenport. After about 2,200 submissions through its consultation on proposed changes, the Ontario Legislature passed the Protecting Condominium Owners Act on December 2nd 2015. 

Since the existing Condominium Act was introduced 17 years ago, the condominium landscape in Ontario and especially in Davenport has drastically changed.More than 50% of new homes being built in Ontario are Condos and there are currently 700,000 condo units in Ontario and 51,000 more are under construction. 

The most important change made through the implementation of the Protecting Condominiums Owners Act is the creation of two administrative authorities; one to administer consumer awareness, dispute resolution and a registry of condo corporations, and a second to administer licensing for condominium managers. 

The condo authority would be responsible for administering a faster, modernized dispute resolution process, including dispute prevention services such as a guide for condo buyers. The act also increases protections for condominium owners, improve how condo corporations are run and ensure that condo boards are governed professionally. Changes include:

  • Clearer, more comprehensive rules to prevent owners from being surprised by unexpected costs after purchasing a newly-built condo
  • Strong financial management rules for condo corporations to help prevent financial and organizational mismanagement
  • Better governance requirements for condo boards, including training for condo directors
  • Mandatory licensing and education requirements for condominium managers

This new authority and the Protecting Condominium Owners Act fits into the government’s plan for a health and sustainable condominium communities. Myself, as well as our government recognize that this approach must be based on collaboration and compromise. 

If you have any questions on this matter or if you would like a copy of the Protecting Condominiums Owners Act, 2015 please contact our office.  

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