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  • November 09, 2015

Leading Women Leading Girls Building Communities Recognition Program

Recognizing the achievements and leadership of female leaders in Ontario

As the first female Member of Provincial Parliament for Davenport, I am excited to introduce for the first time in Davenport the Leading Women Leading Girls Building Communities Recognition Program, a unique opportunity for women and girls to be recognized by the Government of Ontario in their communities.
This award was implemented to recognize the women and girls who have taken a leadership role and made significant contributions, such as:

  • Breaking down barriers and encouraging women and girls to get involved in non-traditional careers
  • Championing or actively promoting issues such as equality, diversity, healthy equal relationships
  • Preventing violence against women and girls
  • Reducing racism and discrimination
  • Encouraging women and girls to participate in any part of public service
  • Acting as a positive role model by mentoring, coaching, leading events or organizations
  • Providing a positive example to women and girls in their communities

During International Women’s week in March, I will be awarding winners with the Leading Women/Leading Girls Building Communities Recognition Certificates. I look forward to recognizing well deserving women and girls in Davenport for many years to come.
Do you know someone deserving of this award? I encourage you to nominate up to 4 individuals from your organization (2 women and 2 girls).

Nominations are now open and the deadline is on January 22nd, 2016. Please follow the link for application forms.

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